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Annette Mattingly (map #16)

Ely, MN

I have been creating pressed flower art for over 30 years. My work reflects the beauty of the Northern boreal forest that surrounds my home in Ely. Sixty percent of the plants I use are from the woods, 40% are from my backyard garden. I love combining the energy of the North woods with geometric design.

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randy & Lisa Lee (map #45)

Luck, WI

Randy & Lisa love the hunt for reclaimed materials to make their frames just as much as they enjoy taking the photographs and creating the art to be framed. The couple completely collaborates in the artwork creation. They both take the photos and Randy creates the frames while Lisa does the wax encaustic work. The custom framing is meant to compliment the art rather than simply frame it.

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Mary Figg (map #55)

Eden Prairie, MN

The medium is museum grade white Scratchboard by Ampersand, or foil scratchboard with copper, silver, or gold. I use a variety of etching tools and special ink to achieve a very detailed effect.

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Emily Lavalier (map #106)

St. Louis Park, MN

Whimsical, detailed and textured collage created by layers of paper from recycled books and magazines

Lonnie broden (map #114)

Orono, MN

I blend traditional oil painting with digital photography to create dynamic images familiar to most people - images that invite people to explore.