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Lori Biwer-Stewart (map #34)

Osage, IA

My artwork includes both Linocut and Collagraph printmaking. Multiple plates, plate reduction, and sometimes chine colle is used to add complex colors and textures.


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Julie Crabtree (map #97)

Grantsburg, WI

Combination of painting with the use of various mediums and inclusion of stitchery. Some by hand & Free motion machine, drawing with the needle to add texture. working on soluble stabilizer & fabric.


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Mary Figg (map #61)

Eden Prairie, MN

The medium is museum grade white Scratchboard by Ampersand, or foil scratchboard with copper, silver, or gold. I use a variety of etching tools and special ink to achieve a very detailed effect.


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Emily Lavalier (map #49)

St. Louis Park, MN

Intricate and textured high-density collages created by many layers of recycled paper, found objects, string and beads. Hand-drawn and created by adding paper in a freestyle technique over many hours.


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Randy & Lisa Lee (map #74)

Luck, WI

Encaustic/Impressionistic Photography custom framed (by us) using reclaimed wood, metals and found objects. This creative combination makes for unique, one-of-a-kind statement art pieces.


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Annette Mattingly (map #15)

Ely, MN

Pressed Flower Art - I grow and press flowers, herbs, and birch bark and use them to make geometric, kaleidoscopic pictures. All colors are the natural colors of the flowers.