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sarah bRown (map #19)

Centuria, WI

I am a self-taught gourd artist who loves the outdoors. Working with gourds is a hobby of mine that allows me to express my artistic side in life! I use a wood burner to burn designs onto the gourd, apply ink dyes to add stunning color, hand sew pine needles to the rim, and finish with a driftwood accent. When finished, people often mistake them for ceramic or leather.

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raelyn larson (map #33)

LaCrosse, WI

Raelyn Larson, a La Crosse WI native, has spent the last 20 years working on her art in the south of France developing a mix of ceramic, found objects and watercolor, all with humor and poetry.

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Kate Whisler (map #72)

Eagan, MN

Blending art and technology was not that far a leap for me, especially once I learned about laser cutters. My work is all about creating graphic, fun filled images with a 3D twist.