Art Speak May 22 (2).jpg

Understanding the Critique
with John Wells

We are delighted to have John Wells navigate the group through our 2nd artist critique ARTSpeak workshop. Creative work has always been the foundation of John's life. In college he received six years of extensive training in drawing, painting, sculpture, and art history, and graduated with a B.S. Degree in Design. His career in retail design was very fulfilling, working worldwide in architecture and design. He has presented figurative and abstract work throughout his life. 

Bring one or two pieces of art that you either are a work in progress or have been completed. Plan to talk about your piece, issues you are having, and what you are trying to accomplish.

If you are interested in participating, please let us know by calling 651-388-7569 or emailing in to by August 17th.

This event is free to attend.


What is ARTSpeak?

We at Red Wing Arts want to know what your needs are as artists in our community and the types of topics you'd like to be engaged with. ARTSpeak will occur once a month, around the third or fourth Tuesday of the month, always the same spot - right here at the Depot Gallery.


The goal of the monthly ARTSpeak workshop is to build on the strength of our artist community. Rotating themes and art critique groups once a month.


This workshop is open to established and emerging artists, working in all media that have interest in learning and fine tuning their skills.