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Understanding the critique with Dan Wiemer

Writers have editors, Actors have directors. Artist also need a set of second eyes on our work. We need to know how our work can be improved. We need to understand how our work is perceived by our audience – the viewer. Sometimes we can spot issues on our own, but most times we need input from others. This is where critique becomes an important part of our development as artists.” -Matt Fussell

We are delighted to have Dan Wiemer help us navigate the elements of critique. Dan Wiemer has been an illustrator, painter and instructor for over 30 years. But he won’t be the only one talking…we all will get a chance to give some input and develop our critiquing skills.

Bring one or two pieces of art (two or three dimensional) that you either have completed or a work in progress These art pieces can be new or old work.

If you are interested in participating, please let us know by calling 651-388-7569 or emailing in to by April 18.

This event is free to attend.


What is ARTSpeak?

We at Red Wing Arts want to know what your needs are as artists in our community and the types of topics you'd like to be engaged with. ARTSpeak will occur once a month, around the third or fourth Tuesday of the month, always the same spot - right here at the Depot Gallery.



The goal of the monthly ARTSpeak workshop is to build on the strength of our artist community. Rotating themes and art critique groups once a month.



This workshop is open to established and emerging artists, working in all media that have interest in learning and fine tuning their skills.