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How to best present your Artwork with Valerie Becker of Red Wing Framing and Fine Art Printing


Valerie Becker of Red Wing Framing and Fine Art Printing will discuss how to best present your artwork to its best advantage. She will discuss what materials are best to use and which ones to avoid, everything from mounting to framing, including archival and budget friendly techniques and which one to choose.  This presentation is for both artists and the general public and will include ideas and information about new techniques for display and presentation as well as reproduction and printing of photographs or giclee (inkjet prints) of original artwork. 

If you are interested in participating, please let us know by calling 651-388-7569 or emailing in to by April 18.

This event is free to attend.


What is ARTSpeak?

We at Red Wing Arts want to know what your needs are as artists in our community and the types of topics you'd like to be engaged with. ARTSpeak will occur once a month, around the third or fourth Tuesday of the month, always the same spot - right here at the Depot Gallery.



The goal of the monthly ARTSpeak workshop is to build on the strength of our artist community. Rotating themes and art critique groups once a month.



This workshop is open to established and emerging artists, working in all media that have interest in learning and fine tuning their skills.