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Vote Yes Yes - Why Arts Support the Referendum

On November 6, we will vote to invest in the future of Red Wing! 

Red Wing Arts fully supports a Yes Yes vote on the school's referendum. We believe strong schools equal a strong community. Arts play a vital role in a community. Access, exposure and education in all art forms in our schools improves the lives of our children and their families. A failed referendum would mean further reductions to arts education, leading to a long-term erosion of our base of support and making our work to ensure the arts are valued in society that much harder. 

Please join us Tuesday evening as past and present art teachers share their stories of the impact of art in our schools. The Vote Yes Yes committee will present on the referendum, the affects of a failed referendum and the results of a successful yes yes vote. Additionally, we will be joined by Superintendent Karsten Anderson, who can answer any questions you may have about the referendum.

If you have any questions, please call 651-388-7569 or email .


What is ARTSpeak?

We at Red Wing Arts want to know what your needs are as artists in our community and the types of topics you'd like to be engaged with. ARTSpeak will occur once a month, around the third or fourth Tuesday of the month, always the same spot - right here at the Depot Gallery.


The goal of the monthly ARTSpeak workshop is to build on the strength of our artist community. Rotating themes and art critique groups once a month.


This workshop is open to established and emerging artists, working in all media that have interest in learning and fine tuning their skills.