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Yvonne Asp-grahn (map #20)

Prior Lake, MN

Functional and decorative stoneware / Techniques include throwing & hand-building / Decoration and texture: bright glaze contrasted with sgraffito, sodium silicate surface cracking, slip-trailing, etc.


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abby lingle (map #1)

Milaca, MN

I create primarily wheel thrown and altered vessels from porcelain. I create textures and patterns using only handmade custom tools. Then I finish the pieces with unique, custom, handmade glazes.


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eileen Mcdaniel (map #102)

Wautoma, WI

Heavily textured relief surface is created with hand carved stamps. Fired in oxidation at mid range the porcelaneous stoneware is food safe. Kitchen and garden pieces available.


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Ray shelerud (map #31)

Duluth, MN

Wheel thrown and hand built stoneware and porcelain pottery. Firing varies from high fire to raku.


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Steven Showalter (map #111)

Eagan, MN

Wheel thrown stoneware, ribbed slip design, multiple sprayed glazes, cone 6 electric.


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Stephen & Leslie Schroeder (map #40)

Waconia, MN

Wheel thrown & handbuilt stoneware, raku & pit fired pottery. Functional & decorative in style with unique designs.


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kate bauman (map #47)

Lake City, MN

I create functional pottery on the potter's wheel using porcelain and stoneware clay. I also hand build ceramic sculpture using a variety of clays. Glazed work is fired either in electric or gas kilns.


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John Steger (map #95)

Shakopee, MN

The emphasis of my work has stayed constant over the past 20 years; I am a functional potter. I am using cone 6 stoneware clay and glazes that compliment my forms in an oxidation firing environment.


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William kaufmann & Cynthia Mosedale (map #70)

Hudson, WI

Thrown porcelain with hand brushed designs in ceramic stains. My work is high fire with unique color and creative brushwork.


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dan & Cindy Wilson (map #53)

Zumbrota, MN

Custom mosaic ceramic and glass tile designs placed on clay pottery, bird baths, refinished antique furniture and home accent pieces. Each piece is an original pattern with 100's of tiles hand placed.


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adama Sow (map #58)

Edina, MN

Clay wheel throwing. Glaze and fire cone 6 for the useful pieces, bisque cone 06 and patina for the decorative pieces.


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Janine Schwendinger (map #16)

Pine Island, MN

My pieces are made with a stoneware clay body and are wheel thrown, hand built or a combination of both techniques. I slip trail many of my pieces, but also do freehand sgraffito work as well.


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Ingrid Bjerstedt rogers (map #79)

Beldenville, WI

I use high fire clay and high fire glazes to make both functional ware and decorative wall pieces with my hand painted images.


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Greg Cheesebro (map #36)

Viroqua, WI

My work is wheel thrown functional pottery of porcelain and stoneware. Each piece is assembled, altered, pulledor slipped, then high fired in oxidation with ash glazes.


Chris & Sue Holmquist (Map #88)

Northfield, MN

Earthenware pottery that is made on the potter's wheel on which whimsical imagery is hand painted with underglazes.