CARLEY RICE (map #8)

Minneapolis, MN

I work in fluid acrylics, inks, and spray paint to create colorful, flowing abstract pieces. My technique is generally free of brushwork. I use my fingers, gravity, and the flow of air to move paint around my canvas and blend one color seamlessly into the next. I often include sharp geometric line work in my abstract work as a way to create contrast and depth to my flowing textures.

Becca cruger (map #66)

Grand Forks, ND

Cruger’s art is intended to examine genuine moments of emotion and uplift, challenge, or inspire the viewer. Many of Cruger’s works showcase strong, female-centric themes, reflecting how Cruger has embraced her own journey of womanhood and views other women through a lens of beautiful strength. Cruger creates canvas paintings using a variety of media including paper, found objects, photographs, metal, and textural pastes. Nearly all of her works use Distress Paints, Distress Spray Stains, or Distress Crayons, which react uniquely with water to create a messy, smudgy, splattery kind of imperfect beauty.

Christy DIckinson (map #110)

West St. Paul, MN

My jewelry includes one-of-a-kind hand painted earrings. They are light weight and incorporate the colors and geometric patterns inspired by my large-scale abstract paintings. One part of the designs explores bold and bright colors to add to a person's adornment while another line explores black and white patterns. Alongside these earrings are hand wrapped necklaces and bracelets that bring an ensemble of jewelry together. The necklaces are composed of cotton and other natural fibers, such as alpaca and wool.