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Mary gohman (map #118)

St. Cloud, MN

I use sterling silver and 14kt gold to fabricate and cast my work. Cast pieces are carved from wax, invested, and molten metal poured into the mold. I also like to use the natural forms of twigs, acorns, and lichens in my work. Fabricated pieces are cut and soldered, shaped, filed, polished and stones are set.

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camille knutson (map #88)

Excelsior, MN

I hand fabricate my work using traditional metal working techniques, customized tools, and never cast as multiples. I use sterling silver, high karat golds, cut gemstones and natural freshwater pearls. I love deep textures and delicate design elements...florals are my favorite challenge! Every piece is one of a kind as no two flowers are ever alike.

denise fournier (map #22)

West Fargo, ND

Denise is a self-taught metal smith and bead weaver. These two mediums complement each other in style, fine details, and texture.

cheri meyer (map #70)

St. Louis Park, MN

Nature inspired, self-taught jewelry designer and maker using various jewelry making techniques for over 30 years. For the last 10 years I have focused on free form one of kind bead weaving jewelry, bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, earrings, watch bands and brooches. I love the ancient weaving technique and the way the beads lock together to form magical patterns and the colors joyfully dance together to form a little piece of art

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graeme Jury (map #46)

North Branch, MN

We are a Minnesota family owned and operated business. Graeme is from England and we get all of our foreign coins in Edinburgh, Scotland. We repurpose old coins from around the world into beautiful jewelry.

All items are handmade by us in our studio near Taylors Falls, MN

Show your patriotism ~ Celebrate your heritage!

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Gary Erickson (map #9)

Coon Rapids, MN

I started Working in Silver in 1977.I use natural gemstones that are individually selected. Using the stones with their shapes, colors, and patterns help to inspire my designs. One of a kind, one at a time.

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amy moechnig (map #97)

Wayzata, MN

Handmade bohemian style jewelry made with artifacts, stones, pendants, beads and leather from around the world.

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brenna Klassen-Glanzer (map #107)

Minneapolis, MN

I use sheet silver and copper to create contemporary jewelry, drawing much of my inspiration from interesting forms in nature such as seeds, pods and shells. My work incorporates a variety of textures, combined metals and the use of hollow-form construction techniques in some pieces. It is a mixture organic natural forms and modern design, which gives the pieces an untamed yet elegant quality.

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julie petit thomsen (map #52)

Austin, MN

I am a freelance interior designer on her way to the end of her career looking for a creative outlet to keep the soul alive. I have been making jewelry for many years as a hobby but now I do hope to turn it into a full time business. I love experimenting with new mediums and design ideas to keep it interesting and to keep learning.

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kate qualley peterson (map #101)

Rogers, MN

I hold a BS in art education and taught in the public schools before retiring. I became interested in metal clay in 2004. As someone who loved making hand built pottery and jewelry, it was a perfect fit. I started my business in 2005 and do art shows around the Midwest and teach classes in my home.

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susan roskens (map #85)

North Mankato, MN

Susan Roskens is a glass jewelry artist living in Mankato MN. Her jewelry features real flowers artfully arranged and encased in glass. An avid gardener, Susan grows and presses her own flowers. She began working with stained glass 25 years ago and her passion for flowers gradually found its way into her glass work. Susan is most at peace in this world when she is creating with glass and flowers and is grateful for the opportunity to share her work with others.

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miles schoen (map #93)

Duluth, MN

Jewelry designer Miles Schoen is intrigued by materials and design processes that blur the lines of traditional. Known for his elegant lines and simple design, Miles works in a medium long forgotten by our exceedingly “fast food” era; namely, silverware. Through his artistic eye and patient forming techniques, Miles draws out modern designs from these relics of the past. Testament to this transformed beauty shows in his spoon bowl earrings, fork tine necklaces, and salt & pepper shaker jewelry.

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greg souther (map #62)

Cross Lake, MN

Graduate of SCSU in 1982 with BFA in art metals. I’ve done almost all of the top 10 shows in the country over the past 15 years.St Louis, Sausalito, Des Moines the plaza in Kanas City etc.

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holly ulm (map #58)

Nisswa, MN

Ethically sourced real butterfly wings hand preserved by Holly Ulm & Greg Sisco into jewelry, and other delights. Each wing is rendered waterproof, prismatic, and touchable, with similar properties to eye glass lenses. Funds conservation. Each piece is one of a kind.

april witzke (map #17)

Duluth, MN

I comb the beaches of Lake Superior to find interesting stones and sea glass for my work, and I clean the beaches while I search for treasures, removing all trash I come across in an attempt to give back to the Lake that gives me so much joy. I combine the sea glass and stones that I find with genuine sterling silver to create one of a kind jewelry inspired by nature. All pieces are my original award winning designs. My jewelry aims to connect the soul to the great waters of Lake Superior!

Jean zerby (map #74)

St. Paul, MN

I make Artisan jewelry that I describe as Eclectic Urban Tribal. I use gorgeous stones and metal to frame them to their best advantage using various silversmith and metalwork skills, tools and techniques such as soldering, textures and cold connections. My work is a little industrial, a little vintage and a little contemporary.

Marti johnson (map #79)

Edina, MN

Cut sheet metal in sterling silver and 14 karat gold, forge, burnish, solder and disc finish with applied patina