Begun in 1952 as an interactive arts educational program, Red Wing Arts Association is the oldest arts organization in Red Wing. Red Wing Arts is committed to building a community where arts and arts participation are a relevant and vital part of the city of Red Wing. To do this, Red Wing Arts supports the many area artists in the region by providing them with exposure and visibility in our galleries and shop.  It is our belief that a personal engagement in the creative process, the active exchange of ideas, and a commitment to the diversity of the arts are mainstays of our culture. An appreciation of artistic expression helps us to remember our past, energizes our present, and develops a strong faith in our future.

Our Vision

The Red Wing Arts Association is recognized as a major cultural and economic catalyst where our lives, jobs and families are improved through art.


Our mission is to support and advance the work of artists in our region and build a community that recognizes, appreciates and celebrates the importance of artists and the power of art in our lives.