TIMOTHY KOBS (map #75)

Trempealeau, WI

Timothy Kobs is an award winning American artist. His original art has an inspiring beauty that draws from a variety of influences, including nature, myth, and fantasy elements.

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carla brown (map #53)

Menomonie, WI

Carla Brown is an acrylic painter who is inspired by the rolling countryside, trees, and beautiful plants and flowers in Wisconsin. Please visit www.carlabrownart.com for more details.

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dan wiemer (map #61)

Red Wing, MN

The award winning Red Wing artist paints the northern landscape with a stylized mosaic quality. Dan comes from a graphic design background and was greatly influenced by the early Canadian painters. Dan has traveled extensively and paints both on location and in his home studio.

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John cartwright (map #59)

Shoreview, MN

I execute ink drawings based on photos taken by myself in the years 1968-1973 while driving around with my father. Many of the railroad structures that I have drawn have been gone for many years.

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peggy simonson (map #6)

Red Wing, MN

Red Wing resident, Peggy Simonson, works from her studio overlooking Lake Pepin. Her watercolor and oil paintings include local scenery, florals, and mixed media abstracts. What is apparent in all or her paintings, no matter the media or style, is a love of color.

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Sue rowe (map #105)

Stillwater, MN

Sue Rowe creates a wide variety of fanciful animals - ranging from cranky bears to Zen bunnies. She used to live near both real sorts in northern Wisconsin but now is content to simply share her Stillwater, MN studio with those memories and their inspirations.

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emily donovan (map #121)

St. Paul, MN

Emily Donovan loves to travel, but her heart belongs to Minnesota. The state's North Woods and the cycle of the seasons are both influential and essential to her batik art, which relies on wax and handmade dyes made from foraged materials. Having grown up learning about specialized tools and craft methods from her father, who built custom etching and lithography presses, Donovan studied art history and visual art at the University of Minnesota with an emphasis in printmaking and painting. Her process of hand dyeing creates what she calls a "living mark," tracking the movement and infusion of her pigments into paper fibers and encapsulating her experiences and discoveries in the outdoors.

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arthur kenyon (map #11)

Red Wing, MN

A long-time Red Wing resident with a private art studio at the Anderson Center, Kenyon enjoys the interactive dynamics of several mediums including oil paintings, detailed graphite portrait drawings and the printmaking techniques of woodblock and copperplate etchings. His work can be seen in public places throughout Red Wing, numerous exhibition galleries and private collections.

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spencer hahne (map #54)

Virginia, MN

Spencer Hahne is a self taught artist working primarily in oil painting. His work is inspired by the unique wildlife and landscapes of his home on Minnesota's Iron Range.

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jane johnson (map #81)

Port Charlotte, FL

My paintings are inspired by nature, play, the moment, and problem resolution. They represent balance, fearlessness, strength, and optimism. I begin each painting by choosing my colors and a feeling I'd like to express, then I go for it, painting quickly before the acrylic dries. As I paint, I paying attention to the parts and whole at the same time until balance is achieved. I paint on a variety of surfaces; canvas, masonite, and Yupo paper a synthetic surface, using many different tools to apply the paint; brushes, brayers, fingers, squeegees, pouring. Through my art I strive to achieve spirit made manifest.

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megan johnson (map #44)

Burnsville, MN

I am a local MN, self-taught artist. My primary medium is black and white acrylic paint, with some pops of color in a few of my pieces. I blend the two colors as I go to get the proper shades. My work is realistic with fine detail, yet whimsical, as many of the animals are smiling. The emotion I most want to evoke through my paintings is joy.

andy Van Schyndle (map #30)

Algoma, WI

Born and raised in Wisconsin my art is inspired by Midwestern landscapes and warped by endless daydreaming.