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Jamie heiden (Map #18)

Holmen, WI

Jamie Heiden is a Wisconsin photographer. For her, a picture really can tell a story. Life’s simplicity is her inspiration and conveying that story is her goal. Her work today contains multiple photographic layers. Jamie shows her work at a variety of galleries in the Midwest as well as internationally. She has been published in Somerset’s Digital Studio and Digital Inspiration among others and has a growing number of book covers in her collection.

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chap achen (Map #10)

Red Wing, MN

I have been photographing for over 45 years, my father was a professional photographer and introduced me to the darkroom and the enjoyment that comes from making traditional images with film and silver papers, much of my earlier work was primarily B&W imagery. Today’s digital technology has allowed me the opportunity to work in both color and black and white. Combining texture, patterns, light and dark tones, and using good compositional elements, I try to present photographs that you will enjoy and remember.

tony small (Map #108)

Hopkins, MN

Tony is a professional fine art photographer specializing in unique, moving landscapes. Tony's fine are prints combine dramatic photography, vivid colors and artistic touches to create new, captivating visions of nature and our unbelievable world. Using high resolution digital photography, he's able to capture the subtle details of some of the most unbelievable landscapes and transfer them to large prints with stunning clarity and color. His work is presented on fine are paper, canvas, metal and acrylic. His award winning images are printed in numbered collector editions of 50 and 250 signed numbered prints. As a teacher for over 15 years he enjoys teaching photography workshops. He hosts workshops in Minneapolis and travel workshops in Minnesota, across the U.S. and other countries. Review his web site www.tonysmalloriginals.com for upcoming workshops and information.

andy hall (Map #48-49)

Climax, MN

Andy Hall is a landscape and still life photographer residing in Climax, MN. He strives to create emotionally evocative photographs in a variety of settings, including natural landscapes, abandoned properties or still life images in his studio. His work is featured prominently in his Crookston, MN gallery. Andy's photography can also be enjoyed at many art fairs in the upper midwest and at his website www.sweetlightphoto.com

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John Caughlan (Map #36)

St. Cloud, MN

John Caughlan is a Minnesota landscape and nature photographer.

David barthel (Map #25-26)

Sauk Rapids, MN

I strive to find and present the basic elements of design in the natural world through careful use of composition, ambient light, and moment, helping the viewer experience a subject or scene through light, tonality, texture, form, etc. Photographs are processed, printed and framed by the artist in-studio.

josh driver (Map #1)

St. Anthony, MN

Combining my ambitious spirit with a love for realism, I produce landscape images bursting with color and often portraying water in its various forms.

doug cummelin (Map #99)

Bloomington, MN

My Passion is creating images of Nature that can transport the viewer to a place and time. Reminding them of someplace they've been or somewhere they long to be. I capture the beauty of Nature or “The Natural Condition” as Ansel Adams described it to share with everyone. I hope my photography in some way spurs others to explore nature and to share my love of the outdoors.

shane Hudak (Map #63)

Minneapolis, MN

I enjoy travel and favorite locations skew towards remote and isolated. While it is nearly impossible to avoid people these days, my work shows these spots as lonely places. Humanity is represented by what has been built or left behind. This shows our relationship with life as melancholic. One that is wonderful, but we do not need to be a part of it for it to be beautiful.

Kit larson (Map #41-42)

Andover, MN

Started taking pictures as a youth. About 20 years ago photography became a serious hobby for me when digital photography was introduced. Before long my hobby became an enjoyable, full time, occupation.

Darren Olson (Map #86)

Minneapolis, MN

Each photograph was made on location with existing light and printed on archival materials. I strive to go beyond photos that merely document a location, to images that allow the viewer to subjectively feel and experience a scene (through light, texture, pattern and tonality) as I did.

vince quast (Map #68)

Chaska, MN

I am a landscape photographer who has been doing art shows for 20 years. I do over 20 shows a year from North and South Dakota Minnesota, Wisconsin and up in the UP. Much of my art work is in many offices, hospitals, businesses.

Ryan Tischer (Map #116-117)

Duluth, MN

Since 2004, Ryan Tischer has been photographing landscapes across the Lake Superior region and beyond. His stunning photographs have been collected by individuals and businesses across the world. Our gallery in downtown Duluth sells museum-quality artwork for your home or business, with the motto ‘Take a piece of the North Shore home.’

nathan trivette (Map #31)

Minneapolis, MN

In this quiet nature photography, the viewer can find a place of contemplative solitude, giving them a point of meditation & peace. The photographer blends abstract expressionism, minimalism & occasionally surrealism, creating simple images for complex times.