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Lino Lakes, MN

Vessels and containers created with natural color wood.


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Joel & karma brokaw (Map #35)

Kalona, IA

Hardwoods are hand cut and glued to create striped and chevron designs. Food safe mineral oil is applied to cutting boards, and a moisture proof finish to chess boards and coasters.


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Steve miller (Map #14)

River Falls, WI

Hand turned bowls, vases, peppermills, etc. With gouges create the shape. Sand & seal to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Use a variety of woods & sizes. Natural edges add a unique aspect.


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David & Kathy Towley (Map #66)

Bemidji, MN

Hand turned functional, artistic, original pieces of work from fine northern hardwoods, finished with natural finish of mineral oil/beeswax, hand buffed to a satin sheen, pleasing to the eye and touch.


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Benjamin leatham (Map #24)

Northfield, MN

Hand sculpted gourmet kitchen utensils, bowls and boards from local reclaimed and salvaged wood.


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Robert myrvall (Map #105)

Bark River, MI

I create furniture from wood taken from Michigan's U.P.


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marc lamm (Map #7)

Minneapolis, MN

I work with wood like a painter works with oils and a sculptor works with stone creating compositions of shadow, shapes and color. Pieces are all solid wood with the natural colors of the wood itself.


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Andrew Kringen (Map #81)

Grand Rapids, MN

I create original, functional & decorative designs combining wood inlay & laminated woods as mirrors, boxes, jewelry, cutting boards & vases.


Eric Helland (Map #10)

Duluth, MN

Living in northern Minnesota, my surroundings supply my material and subject matter for my work. I am a self taught woodworker and use various methods including lathe turning and free form.