Monty Opsal (Map #100)

Princeton, MN

We bring real nature into functional art into your home

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Joel & karma brokaw (Map #27)

Kalona, IA

We believe in unique and quality craftsmanship. Mediocrity is not an option. We strive for excellence on a daily basis. Our family-team believes in working together to create exceptional designs in wood. We are dedicated to the precise process of making each product reach its refined beauty.

Steve miller (Map #14)

River Falls, WI

I hand turn bowls, vases, peppermills, natural edge bowls, platters, etc. from various woods showcasing the natural beauty of the different grains and tones of woods & burls from the area. I've taken classes with nationally respected turners and have been turning since 2000. At various art shows I've received awards. My turnings make nice heirloom gifts in addition to being functional and artsy.

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David & Kathy Towley (Map #83)

Bemidji, MN

Dave and Kathy have both been turners for a total of 40+ years, both self taught. Each piece of work is an original, artistic and functional piece that is finished in a natural food safe finish of beeswax/mineral oil, then hand buffed to a satin sheen that is both pleasing to the eye and touch. Some of the pieces are accented by a simple pine bough and cone that is freehand wood burned onto the piece by Kathy.

Benjamin leatham (Map #23)

Northfield, MN

I'm wood artist Benjamin Leatham, I create functional home utensils, bowls, and cutting boards. My studio is located in Cannon Falls, MN.  I live by the philosophy of "surround yourself with things you find beautiful and use them every day." My kitchen pieces are all food-safe, meant for daily use. I am inspired by the beauty of nature and my work highlights the personality of each piece of wood. I was raised in rural Garett County, Maryland.  In 2015, my family and I moved to Minnesota from the Washington, D.C. region.

Robert myrvall (Map #38)

Bark River, MI

I would like to draw attention to the exotic woods, and bird eye maple, and the natural colors they provide in the designing of modern furniture.

Albert tanko (Map #43)

North Branch, MN

There is really not a category for my recycled art. I am self taught. Expanding on a cross I saw on grandma's wall made from black walnuts. Fascinated by the pattern inside the shell, I began experimenting with crosses. I challenged myself to try new shapes which lead to the sun catchers. One thing lead to another. And now I create a wide variety of items including magnets, Nutwhats, Christmas ornaments, pendants, sun catchers, plates and even a dining room table.

Andrew Kringen (Map #89)

Grand Rapids, MN

I create original, functional and decorative designs combining wood inlay and laminated woods as mirrors, boxes, jewelry, cutting boards and vases. My work is created using a variety of power and hand tools and finished with oil and wax enhancing the natural beauty of the wood. I started woodworking in 1974. My workshop is located at my home near Grand Rapids in rural northern Minnesota.

Eric Helland (Map #3)

Duluth, MN

I'm a self-taught woodworker living in Northern MN where my surroundings supply my material and inspiration. I carefully choose native specimens for their unique characteristics, allowing the wood or antler to determine the project it will be used for. Whether it is a functional bowl or an elaborate mantel piece my hope is to bring the organic elegance of the Northwoods into my customer's home. Art collaborating with nature!