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Len Guggenberger

Born and raised in a small town in central Minnesota, I spent a career in commercial and fine art, and now devote my time to fine art. After painting with casein, oil, acrylic, watercolor and pastel, I now work exclusively with casein.  I am a studio painter using my own photographs and annotated field sketches to create paintings.  My work brings together contemporary realism and impressionism with a strong sense of light and color.

2016:  Selected as a Member of The National Association of Casein and Acrylic Painters. (NSPCA)


2017: National Association of Casein and Acrylic Painters –  Richeson/Shiva Award for Casein Painting

2015: National Association of Casein and Acrylic Painters –  Richeson/Shiva Award for Casein Painting

2012: National Association of Casein and Acrylic Painters - Award for Casein Painting.

2010: National Association of Casein and Acrylic Painters - Shiva Award for Casein Painting.

2007: American Artist Magazine National Casein Art Competition - Third Place

A combination of techniques is used in my paintings.  Clouds are done by stippling using large and small rather stiff brushes. For trees and other foliage a combination of heavy impasto, scumbling, and pointillism is used.  Drybrushing, crosshatching and glazing are also techniques I use to produce a rich blending of colors.  Paint is applied to either 100% rag watercolor board, or prepared untempered Masonite using natural and synthetic-hair brushes.


Casein is a quick-drying, aqueous medium using a milk-based binding agent. It is one of the oldest and most durable media known to man.

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Frederick Somers


Frederick D. Somers, PSA, IAPS-MC, Eminent Pastellist

" I seek to bring to others an experience of the beauty of light as it bathes creation and to point them to a pathway that reaches into eternity."

Fred Somers has been painting full-time since 1975 at his farm-home-studio near Northfield, MN.   His oil and pastel paintings, known for their peaceful sensitivity, reflect themes from the land.  Whether in intimate views of grass, rocks and water with reflections of light and sky, or in spacious vistas of the countryside he seeks to share the hidden places of nature.  He now brings his love of life to sensitive commissioned portraits.

Fred’s pastel paintings of the Big Woods State Park near Northfield were chosen for the 1996 Minnesota State Park Permit design.  He also continues to inspire others through his painting workshops in the U.S. and abroad.   Since his designation as American Swedish Artist of the Year in 1984 he has continued to exhibit and teach in Scandinavia. 


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Richard Rock


Born and raised in the Minneapolis area, I earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in education from the University of Minnesota and originally taught middle school science. In 1988, I began five years of atelier training, later followed by two more of landscape classes. This training, along with eleven seasons as an historical interpreter with the Minnesota Historical Society and the National Park Service, helped prepare me to paint a variety of historical subject matter.

Artist’s Statement

Drawn to historical subjects, I enjoy showcasing them in pleasing compositions that will evoke an emotion and sometimes inform the viewer. I like to poke about in the dusty, obscure corners of history and shine a light on objects, processes or ideas that have long been forgotten and which deserve a second look. Painting from life when possible lends the appearance of nature, while painting from the imagination, when necessary, allows me to transcend both time and place. The undiscovered country of the past intrigues and inspires me, but wherever my artistic journey leads, history is my constant traveling companion.

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